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Interested in joining Bloodbound? Here are some things you should consider, before deciding:

Important Notes About Bloodbound
  • Bloodbound is not a furry guild, but furries do make up a portion of our playerbase. We ask that you be sure you are comfortable with this before joining the guild, and please be respectful of others.
  • Bloodbound is not an RP guild. We play on an RP server, we respect the RP of others and, occasionally, Bloodbound members will engage in RP, but as a guild we do not RP. Guild chat is OOC. Additionally, guild chat's humor can be crude. We like it that way.
  • Bloodbound is a family. Joining Bloodbound means you join a group of people who are friends and family, both in game and out of it. Its not a revolving door, and we tend to have a very high rate of member retention. Leaving Bloodbound, once you've been accepted as a member, can lead to hard feelings, because people treat each other like family, here. Don't join unless you're prepared to do the same.
  • Bloodbound membership does not guarantee raiding. While we try to work our members into our raids, if they are interested, committed, and skilled enough to participate, we can't promise that being a member of Bloodbound means being a part of our raids.
  • Bloodbound membership is not required for raiding. On the flip side, we do not restrict our raids to Bloodbound members, only. Our raid rosters have out of guild members and we treat our out of guild raiders the same as guild members, as far as loot system is concerned. For filling vacant positions, guild members will generally have precedence.
  • Bloodbound considers both skill and personality in recruitment. Its not enough that you're the best player on the server. If you're an ass, we don't want anything to do with you. Also, if you're not the best player on the server, by a long shot, but you have a likable personality and are realistic about your limitations, we'll be much more likely to want you.

If you are still interested in joining, you should also consider that most of our recruitment is referral-only. That does not mean that we will not recruit someone without a referral, however.

If you don't know someone in the guild but would still like to apply, here are some tips:

Same/Cross Realm Server Applicants
  • Make an account on the forums and introduce yourself. Fill out the application and tell us who you are in the game, where you come from (guild, etc), what your interests are for joining, and why you want to be a part of Bloodbound. A lot of members read our forums and it's a good way to make first contact. In this case, first impressions are everything.
  • Bloodbound is a guild of adults, who may not always act like adults, but are adults just the same. A certain level of maturity and self-control is expected of members. Guild members get a feel for who you are and your level of maturity based on your writing and your behavior. If you write like a 15 year old and act like a 15 year old, your chances of getting an invite are not very likely.
  • Once you’re accepted into the guild on a trial basis, offer to help members with groups and raids. Even if it’s below your gear level, they are a good way to meet folks and make friends.
  • Diversify. Don't focus on just officers, but make friends with a variety of people in the guild. The more people you meet and make friends, the more you’ll enjoy yourself in Bloodbound.

Off-Server Applicants
  • Like same-server applicants, the first step should be to make a forum account and introduce yourself in our application . Tell us what server you're from, what your experience is, and why you're considering moving over to be in Bloodbound.
  • Make an alternate character on Silver Hand and ask for an invite. If we know you're a potential server transfer, we'll invite your alt into the guild so that you can start integrating into guild chat and see if this is a match for you, and vice-versa.
  • Don't transfer your main characters until you're accepted as a permanent member. We will not bias our decision based on the fact that you've spent money to transfer your characters here. This is worth repeating: DO NOT TRANSFER CHARACTERS UNTIL YOU'RE PROMOTED IN RANK.
  • Consider the server environment. Silver Hand is a first generation RP server that was online on day one. It generally attracts an "older" crowd of players, but its population is diverse. It is in battlegroup Bloodlust, the most competitive PvP battlegroup in the US (possibly worldwide). It has a 2:1 alliance:horde ratio, which the alliance will exploit at any opportunity. Finding groups can be difficult, unless it’s a guild-sponsored event.

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